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Good Maintenance Can Make Your Parking Lot Last Longer

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The condition of your asphalt parking lot matters. When you don’t take care of it, you will end up with faded asphalt, cracks and potholes. In addition to looking bad, the lack of maintenance can also cause damage to the cars that drive on it. If you have cracks beginning to form, a quick repair is in order. If the parking lot is faded but the asphalt underneath is still in good condition, you can resurface the asphalt instead of completely replacing the asphalt. While taking care of your asphalt is important, it’s important to understand that the lifespan of an asphalt parking lot is about ten years.  Repair Cracks Larger than 1/4 Inch Wide Small cracks in your parking lot can create big problems if left untreated. When a crack forms, it’s necessary to have the crack cleaned out and filled with asphalt material. When you ignore a crack, debris can get into it. Grass can grow in cracks, causing the crack to spread further. Water can seep through a crack and freeze in cold temperatures. This can cause frost heaves in your asphalt and destroy your parking lot surface. Resurface a Faded Parking Lot When your parking lot surface is faded, this can be easily fixed with resurfacing. As long as the asphalt isn’t compromised, putting a new surface on the asphalt can make the parking lot look great again. If the parking lot surface is getting close to ten years old, it’s probably time to repave the entire area. While resurfacing could work for a year, repaving the parking lot is going to be the most cost-effective solution in the long run. Potholes Need to Be Filled In Potholes can form for a wide variety of reasons, and they are a hazard in a parking lot. To prevent cars from getting damaged and to prevent people from tripping in the potholes, it’s important to have all potholes fixed as soon as they form. Potholes are a sign that the asphalt is beginning to break down, and it’s possible that the entire parking lot will need to be replaced soon. When you get potholes repaired, watch for further signs that the parking lot is breaking down from use. When your parking lot needs repair, fixing problems quickly can make your parking lot last longer. Once your parking lot is ten years old or more, it’s time to consider a complete overhaul of your parking lot. Visit websites like to learn...

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3 Creative Ways To Use Curtains In Your RV

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Many people are making the choice to give up their permanent homes in exchange for the freedom and mobility offered by RV living. If you are planning to live in your RV, making a few changes to the camper’s interior can easily make your mobile living space feel more like a home. Curtains can be used in a variety of ways to make RV living more convenient. Here are three creative ways that you can use curtains in your RV. 1. Replace closet doors with curtains. Space can be limited when you are living in an RV, so finding ways to make your small living space feel larger is important. One simple way to create the illusion of more space is to make sure that all your square footage is usable. Closet doors that swing open can eat up valuable floor space, so replacing these doors with colorful curtains can be a simple way to add convenience and style to your RV’s interior. 2. Give yourself the option of creating “rooms” with curtains. An RV often contains one open living space, with only the bedroom and bathroom being separate from the main body of the camper. If you need a simple way to add privacy to an open living space, the addition of curtains can be beneficial. By hanging curtain rods from the ceiling, you can create temporary “rooms” that will be closed off from the rest of the main living space. This can be helpful when you need to concentrate in an office space or put kids down for a nap on the couch while you are cooking dinner in the kitchen. When you aren’t using the curtains, they can be tucked away next to the wall to prevent visual barriers from making your RV feel too enclosed. 3. Create unique wall hangings using curtain panels. The interior walls of your RV may not be strong enough to support the hanging of heavy artwork, but you can still liven up your living space by incorporating some colorful curtain panels into your interior design. Invest in a few short, decorative curtain rods. Buy several small curtain panels in a similar color palette, then hang the panels from the decorative rods to create a gallery display. The curtains will provide a lightweight option to help you add interest to your RV’s walls. Finding creative ways to use curtains in your RV doesn’t have to be challenging. Replace your closet doors with curtains, create faux rooms with curtains, and use colorful curtain panels to create wall art, and your RV will begin to feel more like home. Check out stores like Park City Blind & Design to get...

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Tips to Improve Your Home’s Entryway

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Working with a contractor to make cosmetic changes to your home’s exterior can be a great way to increase its curb appeal and overall value. When it comes to completing an exterior makeover, you should pay close attention to your front door. The eye is often drawn directly to the door of a home, so giving your home’s entry a facelift can be very beneficial. Here are three tips you can use to improve the appearance and function of your home’s entryway during an exterior remodel in the future. 1. Have your contractor add some decorative trim. If your home’s entry is looking a little bland, you can easily dress it up with some decorative trim. Talk to your contractor about adding some decorative molding that will give your entry some character and vitality. If you are worried about the potential for rot that wood trim poses, you can always invest in decorative PVC plastic moldings and trim instead. Your contractor will be able to recommend some trim styles that complement the exterior design of your home in order to give your home’s exterior appearance a more polished and complete look. 2. Have your contractor help you select a new door. The door itself can serve as a focal piece for your home’s newly-remodeled exterior. Your contractor will be able to help you evaluate the potential doors available for purchase on the market to find the door that is best suited to meet your needs. Adding large double doors to a traditional home or a single decorative metal door to a contemporary home can help complete any exterior makeover. Having the right door plays a critical role in determining the overall aesthetic value of your home’s exterior, so working with your contractor to update your existing door can be beneficial. 3. Have your contractor make your entry more symmetrical. The eye is naturally drawn to symmetry, and the brain interprets symmetrical objects and spaces as being more attractive. One of the easiest ways you can upgrade the appearance of your home’s exterior is by having your contractor make your entry more symmetrical. The installation of a column on either side of your door or the addition of windows within your door to create balance can go a long way toward making your home’s exterior more attractive. Completing an exterior remodel might seem simple, but dedicating some time and attention to your home’s entryway is a must when it comes to successfully increasing your home’s curb appeal. Talk to a contractor like Milco Construction Inc Of Florida for more information about these and other...

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7 Tips For Protecting Your Home’s Crawl Space From Pests

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Whether or not you want to face it, your home’s crawl space could be a haven for pests ranging from mice to roaches. You could even run into a squirrel in the area. To keep the area pest-free and prevent the pests from moving into the rest of your home, here are some pest control strategies to use.   Repair foundation cracks. One of the most accessible methods of entry for pests to the crawl space is the foundational wall. Repairing the wall is not only a means to keep pests out, but it helps to make your home more structurally sound.  Install a vapor barrier. Pests need water to survive. If your crawl space does not have a proper barrier against moisture, water can build up in the area and be a welcoming sign to pests looking for a home.   Insulate plumbing pipes. Any pipes that are running through your crawl space could provide the water pests need. A slow leak can also invite the development of mold. When the pipes are insulated, any moisture that is in the area will not cause them to rust and leak.   Check your gutters and downspouts. Ideally, the water from the gutters should be directed to the downspouts and then diverted away from the home. However, changes in the positioning of the gutters can cause the water to be pushed back towards the home. Periodically checking the position of them can ensure the water is going in the right direction.  Close the foundation vents. Foundation vents are designed to help push humid air out of the home. However, in high humid times, the humidity can cause the humid air to rise and create moisture in the crawlspace. Closing the vents when the humidity levels are high can help to keep moisture at bay. Moisture in those spaces usually means pests and mold are around the corner. Replace the crawl space screen. If your crawl space is missing screens or they are in poor condition, pests can take advantage and enter the home. Once you have replaced the screens, make it a habit to inspect the screens on a monthly basis to ensure they are still in good condition.  Update your insulation. Over time, the insulation in the crawl space can become worn. When this happens, the area becomes more attractive to pests. If the insulation is worn, replacing it is not only good for keeping pests out, but it also helps to keep energy costs down.  Work with professionals, such as a contractor and a pest control technician, to keep your home safe from pests. For more information, visit this...

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3 Problems With A Foundation Settling That Can Lead To Serious Structural Damage

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If you have noticed that there is an area of your home that seems to be slowly sinking, this can be a sign of serious problems ahead. These problems can be caused by things like erosion, soft soils, and poor footings. To solve the problem before it leads to costly repairs and damage to your home, you may need to have foundation shoring done. Here are some of the serious foundation settling problems that you will want to have repaired before the damage becomes too great: 1. Erosion Problems Causing Soils To Washout Beneath The Foundation Erosion can be one of the major problems that you have to deal with your home. These problems are often directly caused by backfill and poor landscape drainage. To correct the problem, your home will need to have the foundation shored up at the area where the backfill and soil has been washed away. When you have these repairs done, it is often a good idea to have the landscaping outside your home redone with improved drainage to ensure soil does not erode and water drains away as it should. 2. Soft Soils Causing Your Home To Start To Sink Into The Earth Many of the most populous areas around the country are built near water and directly over wetland areas. These areas have soft soils, which eventually buildings sink into. Older homes can have problems with certain areas of the home sinking in soft soils. This problem may need to be corrected with shoring the foundation and jacking your home back up. Another process that is used to ensure your home settles evenly is tensioned cable systems in concrete, which make the foundation act as one solid block so there is not one area that sinks faster than another. 3. Bad Footings And Design Issues Causing The Foundation Settling Problems Bad footings can be another problem that you have with your foundation. These problems can be due to homes that were built before building codes in an area or due to poor craftsmanship. When you have a problem with the footings failing, the area will have to be repaired and support added beneath your home with foundation shoring. You may also want to consult a structural engineer to help with improvements that can prevent these problems. These are some of the foundation damage problems that you will want to deal with before damage is too much to repair. If your home looks like it is slowly settling, contact a company like B And Y Drilling Inc to help with shoring up your home and preventing further...

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Roots Destroying Your Drain Pipes? 3 Steps To Repair The Damage

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If you live in an area that’s been affected by the drought, chances are good that the trees in your yard are trying to find a convenient source of water. That means that they’re going to send their tap roots out to find easy access points. Unfortunately, those easy access points might just end up being your drain pipes. Tap roots can gain access through small cracks and joints in your pipes. Once they’re in, they’ll continue growing, until they’ve outgrown the pipe. When that happens, the pipe will burst, and you’ll be facing expensive repairs. If your drains have suddenly gotten sluggish, or your toilets are flushing slower than they used to, you should have your drains inspected for root growth. If the inspection is positive for root growth, here are three methods that can be used to remove the growth and repair your pipes. Hydro-Jetting If your drain lines are overrun with roots, hydro-jetting is a quick and effective way to take care of the problem. With hydro-jetting, high pressure water is forced through the pipes. The force of the water blasts through the roots and flushes them through to the sewer. The benefit of hydro-jetting is that it will also remove other types of debris as well, including solid waste, grease and toilet paper. Pipe Lining If the inspection shows that tree roots have already started damaging your drain pipes, and you have minor leaks, pipe lining can repair the damage without requiring complete replacement of the damaged pipes. With pipe lining, the damaged section of pipe is lined with a protective sleeve, which will prevent leaks. In most cases, the lining will only need to be placed in the damaged area. However, if it looks like other areas of the pipe may begin leaking soon, the lining may be extended beyond the damaged area. Pipe Bursting If tree roots have caused extensive damage to your pipes, and they need to be replaced, pipe bursting can take care of the problem without extensive trenching. Pipe bursting allows the old pipe to be broken apart at the same time as the new seamless pipe is installed. With seamless pipes, the roots won’t be able to find a way back in to cause future damage. Pipe bursting can be used on any type of sewage pipe including clay, PVC, and cast iron. If the trees in your yard have damaged your drain lines while trying to find water, don’t panic. The methods described above can be used to repair the damage and protect your pipes from future...

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Signs You Need to Replace Your Attic Insulation

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Attic insulation is an important part of your home’s heating and cooling systems. Because heat rises and because the roof of your home absorbs a large amount of sunlight during the summer months, there is a large degree of temperature transfer between your attic and the exterior of your home. If your attic insulation is not up to par, your energy bills can greatly increase, and your home’s comfort levels can fall. Thankfully, there are a number of things that you can look out for to help determine when it’s time for you to replace your attic insulation. Drafts If you notice a greater number of drafts within your house than you are used to that cannot be explained by opened doors and windows, especially in the upper parts of your house, your attic insulation has probably begun to degrade. As insulation gets older, it begins to crumble and group together, creating gaps in your insulation that leads to air being able to seep in through your roof and into your attic. The difference in the temperature of this air and the air throughout the rest of your house causes things to get a bit drafty. Pest Infestations If you have any pests within your attic, you may want to contact a contractor as soon as possible to take a look at your insulation. Any pests that have taken up residence within your attic can make nests within your insulation and tear it up, causing air to enter into your attic. Furthermore, if there is an opening somewhere in your roof that is large enough to let pests into your attic, it is extremely likely that your insulation has become water damaged as well and will need to be replaced. Increased Energy Bills If you notice an increase in your energy bills during the winter or summer without a corresponding change in the amount of use that you are giving your air conditioner or central heating unit, your insulation is probably doing a poor job of keeping hot or cool air within your home. This means that the average temperature of your home will fluctuate more often, causing your heating and cooling systems to work harder and more often to maintain the comfort levels within your home. This can greatly increase your long-term costs, so it’s a good idea to have your attic insulation looked at as soon as possible so you can save money. Talk to a company like Alaska Quality Insulators Inc for more information about how poor insulation may be affecting your...

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Know What To Expect If You Plan To Have A Dock Built In The Near Future

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If you want to have a dock built on your property, it is important to know that building the dock will not take very long, but planning for the build can be quite extensive. Many people do not realize how much time and effort goes into a dock build. Use the guide below to learn a few things that you need to expect if you plan to have a dock built in the near future. Design Layout Discussion The first thing that will happen is that you will meet with the dock builders and discuss what type of dock you are interested in having built. You need to let them know if you plan to have boat lifts built onto the dock, if you want a roof built over it, and if you want a shed or storage space built onto the edge of the dock. The builders need to know how long you want the dock to be, as well as how wide you want it to be so that they can create a printed design proposal for you. Create the Design Next, the builders will hire an architect to create the design for them to follow. The design must be very precise, so that they can know exactly how much material they need to order to complete the job. Once the design is created, the builder will bring it to you to get approval for the design. If there is anything you want to change, you need to let the builder know right away. Apply for the Appropriate Permits Before any building can begin, the marine contractor must get specific permits in order to have the dock built. He or she must submit the proposals for the design plan, specific information regarding if there will be electricity to the dock, and if there will be boat lifts. Once the permits are received, the builder can continue. Order the Materials Once the permits have been accepted, the builder can order the appropriate materials. There are often numerous materials that need to be delivered to the job site in order for the builder to build the dock. There needs to be a path for the large delivery trucks to make it to the build site with ease. If there is not a path, the builder may get a chainsaw and start making one, with your permission. Once all of the materials arrive, building can start. It typically does not take very long for the dock to actually be built though. Once it is completed, inspections need to take place to ensure that it is sound and strong before you can actually start using it....

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Does Your Bedroom Carpet Get Dirty Quick? Keep Your Bed From Intensifying The Problem

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With the bedroom being a space in your home you likely sleep in every night, it’s likely that it receives more wear and tear over the years than the rest of the rooms in your home. If you use your bedroom for more than just sleeping and getting ready, the carpet will likely get dirty at a faster rate. Vacuuming the carpet once a week or so will prevent your carpet from looking excessively muddy. But, you should figure out how to minimize its dirtiness to maximize the lifespan of the carpeting. It is possible for your bed to be one of the main reasons you have to clean the carpet so frequently. Remove Pet Hair on a Daily Basis If you have a household with cats and dogs, their hair is going to get everywhere. It will happen more often in the areas where they lay down, as this is when the hair will most likely come off. So, your bed may be the primary destination for hair, and you need to prevent it from finding its way onto the floor. Shaking off the comforter outside or using a rubber glove will allow you to easily remove the hair. If you can get your hands on a reusable lint roller, you can use it to pick up hair on the comforter, pillows, and sheets. Use a Solid Bed Frame The bed frame you use can actually have a noticeable impact on the carpet’s condition. A metal bed frame is not going to stop dirt particles from reaching the ground. But a solid bed frame can prevent dirt particles that fall of the bed from hitting the carpet, which could settle into the fibers with enough time. This does mean you will need to find or make a bed frame that does not use slates to provide support to the bed. It allows you to lift up the mattress and just vacuum the inside of the bed frame, which should be very easy to clean. It works similar to how a dinner tray prevents crumbs and spills from getting elsewhere. Enjoy Liquids Safely It is perfectly fine to have drinks next to your bed, whether you tuck them within the bed frame, put them on the headboard, or place them on neighboring nightstands. But, these drinks can become an issue when they end up spilling and staining the carpet. This is a problem that you can easily avoid by getting your hands on reusable and spill-proof water bottles to dedicate for usage in and around the bed. If you find yourself getting professional carpet cleaning more than once a year due to carpet wear and tear in the bedroom, you should try out these methods to take care of bed-related issues.  For more information, contact Conscientious Carpet Care or a similar...

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3 Best Roofing Materials for a National-Style Home with a Pyramid-Shaped Roof

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National-style homes are examples of early American architecture partly based on the simplicity of Native American structures. The homes have simplistic lines and floor plans that can still prove charming and functional. One way to accent the simplicity is to choose an attractive roofing material, particularly if your home has a pyramid-shaped roof. The four parallel low-pitch roof segments of the pyramid roof meet at a shallow ridge and provide an attractive and distinct topper for your home. However, some roofing materials are better than others for this sort of home and roof. Here are a few options to discuss when you next talk to your roofing repair contractors.  Good: Asphalt Shingles Asphalt shingles are lightweight and fairly durable for the low cost. The shingles can be made in almost any color commonly found on roofs and can be pressed or fabricated to have textures similar to wood shingles or slate tiles. Asphalt shingles are just a good all-around material for most roofing projects, but they are particularly good for a pyramid-shaped roof due to the roof style’s larger surface area. More surface area means more materials needed for the project, which can quickly drive up project costs. This is especially problematic if you are already on a tight budget. Good: Wood Shingles Wood shingles add texture and natural beauty to any roofing project. The textured shingles can soften the sharper lines of the pyramidal roof, which can help make the house look a bit too boxy. You can also opt for a bright or dark stain color on the shingles to bring even more visual interest to your home. Wood shingles are a bit more upkeep than slate shingles. The wood can expand and contract in the heat or cold and, over time, those motions can make the wood warp. But the need for occasional maintenance and maybe a sooner replacement might be worth the cost given the visual impact your roof could make with them. Bad: Metal Roofing  Once used primarily for industrial and garden settings, metal roofing has come a long way thanks to dye and fabrication advancements. But the standing seam or shingle varieties of metal roofing best suit homes that have a lot going on visually rather than the already simple national-style house. The metal roofing might end up making the house look even more stark and geometric. An exception is if you already have a lot of ornamental trim or details on your home and do want a simpler roof. The metal roof could work nicely in that situation, as it won’t draw the eye away from your other décor. Bad: Slate Tiles Slate tiles are regal and elegant and might be a bit too eye-catching for the roof of a national-style home. These homes look best when balanced between simplicity and decorative accents. The slate shingles might provide too much of an eye draw and make the rest of the house look plain by comparison. There’s also a cost issue due to the large surface area of the pyramid roof and the high cost of slate tiles. But if your budget allows for this, and if you really love the look of slate, you can by all means use this material, as the pyramid roof has enough bracing to support its weight....

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